Calcium, can you get it from Ice Cream?


Calcium in Ice Cream?

How much calcium can be absorbed from ice cream?

Ice Cream manufacturers say that it’s no different than from low-fat milk. Well they would of course. There’s a lot of money in ice cream and there’s a lot of money to be made from women seeking advice about calcium.

There will be a big push on advertising for ice cream and ice lollies this year. The big manufacturers will be hustling for our custom.

Fair enough. We’re a captive market and we know we need calcium. But the idea of getting my daily calcium intake from ice cream hadn’t occurred to me before.

When I looked at the research from just one of the major ice cream manufacturers, I saw that it had been conducted on 16 healthy volunteers aged between 25 and 45. Not really an earth shattering number of subjects.

We need our Calcium
As we become older, we lose muscle mass and bone density and with menopause, the change in our hormone levels makes us prone to osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and other bone-related ailments.

Get Calcium!
Include calcium in any form as a regular part of your diet. Low fat dairy foods are your best sources but eat fresh, green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach and kale for your daily dose of calcium.

Calcium Supplements
We used to be hesitant about adding calcium to our daily food in case it built up in our arteries. But calcium is used very quickly in our bodies, it doesn’t get much of a chance to build up in women. And menopause is the time we need it!

Remember calcium supplements need to be taken with food. Best to speak to your medical professional if you believe you need calcium supplements.

Low Fat Ice Cream
Go on and eat ice cream from time to time, it tastes good and as long as you don’t overload on sugar and saturated fat, it doesn’t harm you.

If you can manage to read the tiny print on packaging, you’ll see that low-fat ice cream has twice the calories and half the calcium of nonfat plain yogurt.

So what are you looking for? Low fat or calcium? How much ice cream would you need to scoff down in a day?

It’s up to you.