The Beauty of Black Raspberry

If bramble-like black raspberries are growing wild around your yard and trying to take over your garden – don’t complain. Instead, eat every dark-purple berry you can (freeze those you can’t). While all berries are good cancer fighters, black raspberries are all-stars. They’re so good at preventing the Big C on the cellular level (eat […]

Menopause and Acupuncture

How effective is Traditional Chinese Medicine? Does acupuncture help with difficult menopause? I've never tried it, so I can't tell you anything about its effectiveness - or otherwise, but I see that the United Nations World Health Organisation has approved acupuncture as a treatment for symptoms associated with menopause. So it could be an answer for women who don't want to take the chance … [Read more...]

Are Mammograms too Dangerous?

All women have some risk of developing breast cancer, but having someone from your family — specifically, a biological relative — who has been diagnosed with breast cancer can mean a significantly increased risk for you. So the first step to understanding your risk is by analysing your family's medical history, taking into account how many people in your family had breast cancer and at what … [Read more...]

Self Enlightenment for Women

An interesting essay from Michele Geyer Stories of modern aging, until fairly recently, were forbidden thoughts relegated to secret diaries and plastic surgery practices. Women in particular, translation=menopause, were almost required to keep age and menstrual status private, especially if they wanted to be seen as viable and valid members of society. Contrarily, human life span in the … [Read more...]